Transition Talk 8 – Chaucey Ellis

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Chaucey Ellis is relatively new to Scorching events. The first duathlon of the 2015/16 season was her second ever scorcher. Has another person become addicted to the pain of multisport?
Smouldering Ember – I see from the results data base, this was your second Scorcher. Congratulations.  What or who inspired you to take part?
Chaucey Ellis –  I think the “blame” for it lies with a friend of mine, Merewyn Groom. She has participated a few times and talked about it heaps and told me it was achievable. She never seems to notice that I’m unfit!  (Good work Merewyn Groom – SE)
My cousin was the one who got me started running a little a couple years back – she kept mentioning a running app called “Zombies Run”. I downloaded it and got hooked on the story and have had to run to keep hearing more. ( I have heard about this app which makes running fun and purposeful. I know that there is a real Zombie Run on Matui/Somes Island each Year. By real, I actually mean people dressed up in costume. We all know Zombies are not real …. except in your dreams! – SE.  – SE)

SE – Two races completed. Will you come back for more?
CE – Yes. I’ve signed up for the Duathlon series and I have the Triathlons penciled in on my calendar.  (Commitment, we applaud you – SE)

SE – Which part do you like the most, running or cycling or neither?
CE -The cycling is easier, but the bit I like the most is when I am nearing the finish line. (Indeed, many including myself really like the moment when you cross the line and it is all over. This of course does not include the triple tri where the Angels make you put your wetsuit on again then do it all over, twice more –SE)

SE – Are you tempted to step up and increase the distances in the duathlons and the Triathlons later in the season? It is exactly the same, just takes a bit longer.
CE – I’ll need to do a bit more training before I can increase the distances, especially with the swimming, which is my weakest discipline. I have 3 children (ages 2, 6 and 8) to try and plan training around so it is a work in progress. (Good to see you have a fan base – SE)

SE – Apart from Scorchers, what other sports do you participate in?
CE – I do orienteering, chasing after my toddler, and the occasional mud-run. I even tried some cyclocross this year, which seems to be like a mud-run on bicycle. (Have been to watch some cyclocross this year myself in Upper Hutt, it looks great fun. However I am too chicken to try as I do not have a very good record with off road cycling. Have dug up some photos of the last season  Think this is you are on page 3 of this link, race number 109 Chaucey. The mud looked marvelous  -SE)

SE – What are your goals for achievement in multisport?
CE – To continue to enjoy it.  To discover new and interesting events to participate in. I would like to strengthen my swimming. (Swimming is the only way you can avoid the Zombies on Matui/Somes Island. Unless of course you are dreaming and you will never escape! – SE)

SE – As a novice yourself, what one tip / piece of advice would you give to people thinking of trying a multisport event for the first time?
CE – Don’t assume that it is too difficult. Just promise yourself to try it out, and sooner rather than later. You don’t need flash equipment, a flash training programme or a cheer squad to get started. Great advice. As a certain sportswear company says, make a sentence out of the following three words, it do just

SE – I really want to know what kind of tea you prefer to drink, but regular readers will also want to know what is your favourite curry and your favourite Indian restaurant in the Wellington region?
CE – I’m quite gumboot in my tea tastes – as long as it is sweet and milky I’ll be happy.
I like lamb curries the best – Lamb saagwala can be amazing, or second choice is a Lamb Korma. Favourite Indian restaurant is too tough to say, I’m out of touch seeing as I don’t get to dine out much with a young family. (Good curry choices – SE)

SE – Who is your most inspirational sports person?
CE – My (much) younger brother Ollie Jones. He is amazing at whatever sport he tries and he trains very very hard. His specialisation is Inline Speed Skating and he competes internationally with it.  He is very good at cycling too.  I’ve seen the hours and hours he puts in to his sport and I find his dedication very impressive. (Indeed, to be top of a sport requires drive motivation and  hours of training. – SE)

SE – In 10 words or less, how would you describe Scorching Events?
CE – Fun, inclusive, and as challenging as you want.

Thanks for taking time to answer my questions Chaucey. Once again, I am impressed by the  people who participates in Scorching Events.. Everyone who takes part is motivating and inspiring with that sense of ‘can do’. Look out for Chaucey at future events and say hello.