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Scorcher Saviours

Are you a Scorcher Saviour Foundation member?

Now along with the fantastic support of sponsors and supporters we also have always had brilliant support from YOU.  Yes, you.  Our Scorcher-ees.  Our participants.

If you've been to a few of our events before you might be aware of a small group of 'Scorcher Life Members'.  This was our way of recognising some incredible support of several participants who had completed 50 out of the first 100 events we offered.  This group was closed when we hit the 100 event mark.  However we're aware that outside of this group we have a healthy bunch of many more participants who are equally supportive.  So we've come up with a way that you too, regardless of the number of events you've done can show your passion of the Scorcher series.  You are now able to buy your own Scorcher Saviour Foundation slot which will give you a whole heap of cool perks.   A bit like Koru Club.  Just without the cheese and crackers.   These slots are limited to 100 and each holder of a slot (along with high kudos) will get (as a minimum):

  1. to choose your own permanent race number  - ie for life (between 10-99)
  2. you & your number will be listed on the Scorcher Saviours Board.  Oh the fame! This Board will be mounted permanently in the clubrooms at Scorching Bay - along with a smaller version that will be on display at the finish of all Scorcher events (as well as on the website)
  3. a 10% discount on the normal Scorcher entry fees
  4. inclusion at each prizegiving for a special Foundation member spot prize draw for the next two years (item value to be $100-200 range) - one or two items  each event.  So a 1 in 100 chance of winning IF every Scorcher Foundation member turns up to prizegiving. Odds only improve from there ;)
  5. Never get charged a late fee for registering for a Scorcher no matter how late you enter (as long as there are places available)
  6. You will not have to attend the compulsory event registration and briefing the day before each event.  This means you can just turn up on event morning (as a committed regular we know you know the process so allow us to reward you!).
  7. A special limited edition t-shirt / hoodie / clothing item unique to the Foundation member group.  This will have all Saviours listed on the back, plus a personalised front with your name on it

For all of this what will it cost?

At this stage - we think the package is between $120-$150 - depending on what the clothing item that we select. (the hoodie is more expensive than the t-shirt).  We believe that within two years you will get back the value of the package.

What happens now?

We want to determine if there is enough interest for us to make this happen (we hope there is)
If you are keen to be part of our Saviours - please complete the form to the right as an expression of interest - we will get back to all who complete the form as soon as feasible / enough interest has been expressed.

Why are we doing this?

This idea / approach will allow us to invest in new technology / hardware / equipment to improve the Scorcher experience for all, but also in turn will allow us the ability to in turn earn extra revenue from the hiring out of hardware / equipment to other events, and thus reduce the overheads connected to the production of the Scorchers.

Saviours Expression of Interest

Please complete the below form if you are interested in having your own permanent Scorcher number and help the Scorchers continue


Please note we have had 86 applications for race numbers so far (by 9am, Mon 8 Aug) - thus there is limited  numbers available now. (Only 4 more slots remain to become a Scorcher Saviour member)

The numbers still available are : 70, 81, 85, 91, 92, 94 - please select from one of these - Thank you

(We will attempt to update this each evening to reflect the reduced range available as the slots are taken - and duplicate requests are handled)