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  • 22 Jan 2017 Scorcher Results

    Apologies for the delay in getting the results up after Sunday’s Scorcher – Turns out Daryl’s Brain wasn’t functional the last two events when he …Read More »

2016-17 Scorcher season

First up for this season, we are out in Upper Hutt enjoying the hills & rural roads
Time to start the season - in the open water. - A set of short options to start the season
Back to Scorching Bay, and time to enter the sea for the first time this season
Once more all regular scorcher options from Novice to Long are available (for ages 1 up) Please note: the Wgtn Half option initially scheduled for this weekend has regrettably been cancelled due to extremely low entries
For March we welcome the National Series as part of the Scorchers, with a multilap course with a full road closure for the cycle. Test yourself against those from around the country - not just Wellington

Welcome to the 'Scorchers'

Challenge yourself, exercise with purpose


Interested in personal helping to save the Scorchers?

Now along with the fantastic support of sponsors and supporters we also have always had brilliant support from YOU.  Yes, you.  Our Scorcher-ees.  Our participants.

If you've been to a few of our events before you might be aware of a small group of 'Scorcher Life Members'.  This was our way of recognising some incredible support of several participants who had completed 50 out of the first 100 events we offered.  This group was closed when we hit the 100 event mark.  However we're aware that outside of this group we have a healthy bunch of many more participants who are equally supportive.  So we've come up with a way that you too, regardless of the number of events you've done can show your passion of the Scorcher series.

You are now able to buy your own Scorcher Saviour Foundation slot which will give you a whole heap of cool perks.   A bit like Koru Club.  Just without the cheese and crackers.   These slots are limited to 100 and each holder of a slot (along with high kudos) will get a variety of benefits

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Sovereign Tri Wellington - Have a Go Finish with Alex & Max

In case you missed it on Saturday – here’s the extreme sprint finish by Alex and Max in the ‘Have a Go’ Sovereign Tri Series

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Provisional Results From Saturday’s tri Wellington event are now posted here: http://scorching.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/TW17ProvResults.pdf..

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