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Next Event: Scorching Duathlons - Sunday August 9th, Scorching Bay


Scorching Triathlons – dates for summer 2014-15

Online entries are now open, click on the dates below to be taken to the relevant event date for more information

Scorching Duathlons

The 2014 Winter Scorching Duathlon season is now complete, the Scorching Duathlons will (probably) be back Winter 2015 – but remember all summer long we have duathlon options as part of the Scorching Triathlons, so click on the dates above to find out more.

Challenge yourself, exercise with purpose

A personal challenge only takes a single decision. Set yourself a goal to do a Scorcher soon.

Spend your workout hours exercising with purpose and turn everyday fitness activities into triathlon or duathlon training sessions.

Regardless of your fitness goals, the Scorchers can help you achieve results and feel a sense of accomplishment as your cross the finish line

Welcome to the “Scorchers”

The Scorching Events are a fun and relaxed events designed to suit everybody. The Scorching events are comprised of a number of different series, over winter is is the Duathlons (involving cycling and running) and in Summer it is the Triathlons (swimming, biking and running, but also with duathlon & swim only options available).  These events are designed for participants (male, female, young and old) of all abilities. Our focus is on participation, and as such there are no first prizes, but plenty of spot prizes.

The Scorching Events are based within the Greater Wellington region, of New Zealand. There are multiple distances offered at each event (short, medium and long) catering for all abilities.

You also have the option to complete the event as part of a team (2 or 3 members, we are not fussy!).

We believe good events are those that are professional and well organised. Great events also involve a bit of fun too, which we like injecting in large quantities. We hope you can join us for some Scorcher magic soon.

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